Kid Environment Remodel

We are excited to announce that we are coming to the installation part of our anticipated remodel and theming of our kids environments. Early summer 2021, we will have a grand opening of our newly remodeled kids space. Our team has been hard at work reimagining this space, and we are so excited  to share it with you and your kids! The remodel included gutting all the walls, replacing the floors, elevating the ceiling, expanding the check-in area, and updating the technology in the audio and visual and check-in systems. But thats not all… we have designed and themed this space just for your little ones in a modern, fun, and interactive way with 3-D wallpaper, shapes, and colors that helps develop motor and sensory skills, and experience learning about Jesus in a fun, interactive way. A check-in area has been added that is not only awesome, but also easy for parents to check in their kids securely. The heart behind this project is to partner with families to reach their God-potential, and we are confident that this new space will help us to fulfill our mission!