Tiny Leaders

Every Sunday, young children aged infants through 5 year olds experience safe, age-appropriate environments where the Bible is taught in a creative and relevant way. Our focus every weekend is for them to join the fun, and experience a world where they meet Jesus on their level! This also includes the moms’ viewing room, a place where nursing mothers and mothers with newborns and young children can watch service together in a calming and private environment. 

In the upcoming year, we are dreaming and re-imaging our preschool environments with much-needed remodeling and theming updates and enhancements. This remodel includes theming in the hallways and check-in areas and a main kids gathering space, all created in an intentional way to invent a stimulating, fun environment that helps your children learn about Jesus and grow into all God created them to be. We look forward to this new season in our pre-school ministry as we reinvent and reimagine better ways to connect with your kids!