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Temple Centurion 2021-2022


Temple Centurions are the ones who BELIEVE, LEAD and COMMIT through prayer, serving and a financial commitment to make Potential’s vision a reality. Temple Centurions are those that lead by protecting God’s presence, proclaiming God’s hope, and promoting God’s church through their generosity, commitment, and obedience. We are going through times of uncertainty, but what we know is that scripture says there is a reward for your financial faithfulness, not only on this earth, but in eternity as well. Your above and beyond generosity will help us invest in the next generation in this upcoming season.  

Join us as we prepare spiritually and financially to give to the kick off of the new 2021-2022 Temple Centurion Season. Thank you again for your relentless desire to be part of something bigger than yourself, to leave a legacy for generations to come. Together, we are believing our best days are ahead!
Together WE can impact the world,
Troy & Steph Gramling

Life Change Stories


Impacting The Next Generation




Activate Your Generosity


Your generosity extends far beyond being a mere monetary amount. Your generosity contributes to a movement and legacy which will be experienced for generations to come, impacting local communities, the next generation and beyond. Below, you can contribute an amount outside of your regular tithe and offering to excel to one of the levels. These funds will be allocated towards 2021-2022 media expansions, missions, and focusing on the next generation.


New for 2021-2022! Set up reoccurring giving to $50 a month and you will get black metal smart NCF card that can be use as an invite tool to invite friends & family to Potential Church as soon as you opt in to join!